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AMW0 (later models aka version 2) notes

I’ve been poking around the ‘newer’ AMW0 DSDT implementation (I’ll call it AMW0 v2), and I think I’ve worked it out now. Basically, rather than being an extension of the old AMW0 (we’ll name this ‘AMW0 v1’ to be original), it’s actually a backwards compatible addition of WMID to AMW0 – it has all the […]

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WMI news

Since some people apparently read this blog (for some unfathomable reason…), some more updates on progress in WMI-ACPI land. Background: I am currently trying to implement a mapping driver in Linux for WMI-ACPI (which is described here) The short, short version for doing this is that unlike other laptop manufacturers, who define their own custom […]

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