KDE & Exchange support

I’ve been spending the last few weeks, on and off, trying to figure out the level of Microsoft Exchange support in KDE at the present moment and near future. From lots of digging around various sites, and poking at the source code, it seems that:

1) libmapi (from OpenChange) provides a library that can talk to MS Exchange 2007

2) KDE has an OpenChange resource for Akonadi

3) The Akonadi OpenChange resource is currently not built by default, and based on comments in the make files, not clear what the current status is

4) KMail does not currently use Akonadi anyway, and won’t be ported over to it until at least KDE SC 4.5

Corrections welcome.

Posted on January 19, 2010 at 9:25 pm by Carlos Corbacho · Permalink
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