Beaumark BM888 Pressure Cooker

A non technical post (well, non Python or Linux related, although pressure cookers are quite technical, even if they don’t run NetBSD).

Having bought a Beaumark BM888 pressure cooker recently, the ‘manual’ is a poorly translated, pretty useless little booklet (although very funny!). If you’re a complete novice to pressure cookers (as I am) this doesn’t make life easy for you. So, to try and fill in the gaps that the manual is missing:

  1. The smaller plastic container is the steam condensation collector. This slips into place on the back of the unit. If you remove the lid, you’ll see a hole at the back on top – it fits under there.
  2. The purple/ red pin on top is the pressure indicator – when the unit is pressurised, this will come up. After you’ve been cooking, this must go down to indicate the pressure has dropped before you can open the lid.
  3. The black twist thing is the pressure release valve, and it goes on the lid. When the lid is on, this should be pointing in the opposite direction of the pressure indicator (i.e. it should not point to the back of the unit). After you have finished cooking, to quick release (not wait 10-15 minutes for the unit to cool down naturally), you need to turn this. DO NOT DO THIS BY HAND – use a spoon or something with some reach, as this will start spitting out hot steam until the pressure has dropped (check the pressure indicator to know when it has).
  4. Lots of recipes require you to fry/ sear some things first. That’s absolutely fine – put the unit in Hot Pot mode without the lid on, and you can stick some oil in and do that (e.g. if you are doing a beef stew, you need to sear the meat first and fry the onions).
  5. It doesn’t come with a steamer basket – you will need to buy one separately if you need one.

The cooking times are not included in the box or the manual, they can be found here:

There are also some recipes on their website here:

I’ve figured this all out by:

  1. Reading the Amazon reviews where people have asked these questions.
  2. Watching the cooking videos with Kevin Dundon on their YouTube channel –
  3. Pressure cooker basics website –

(As I got this for only £29 from my local The Original Factory Shop, rather than the current price of £60 on Amazon, I cannot really complain too much).

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