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acer_acpi – Latest news

I’ve been rather quiet lately, so time for the latest news: 1) The input part of acer_acpi (the keyboard quirks) has been accepted by Dmitry Torokhov (the input subsystem maintainer) into his tree. This will be going into 2.6.25 – this means that if you have one of the laptops that requires the old acerhk […]

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AMW0 and hardware detection

After re-reading an old readme & history file bundled with a different release of Launch manager (the one available for the Aspire 1690 – same version as the 5020 version, but this EXL806WW.BLD.txt file is missing from the 5020 release), I finally figured out that: 1) It is actually possible to auto detect hardware on […]

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WMI & acer-wmi news

WMI: Latest version (v7) was published on the ACPI mailing lists (I finally figured out my problems). This work has been ported to acer_acpi already (and not a moment too soon, since the Aspire 7520 has multiple PNP0C14 devices). acer-wmi: Initial RFC (request for comment aka first try, please review) has been posted to the […]

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AMW0 (later models aka version 2) notes

I’ve been poking around the ‘newer’ AMW0 DSDT implementation (I’ll call it AMW0 v2), and I think I’ve worked it out now. Basically, rather than being an extension of the old AMW0 (we’ll name this ‘AMW0 v1’ to be original), it’s actually a backwards compatible addition of WMID to AMW0 – it has all the […]

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WMI news

Since some people apparently read this blog (for some unfathomable reason…), some more updates on progress in WMI-ACPI land. Background: I am currently trying to implement a mapping driver in Linux for WMI-ACPI (which is described here) The short, short version for doing this is that unlike other laptop manufacturers, who define their own custom […]

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acer_acpi – Latest upstream news

So, the promised update on getting acer_acpi upstream. 1) The generic WMI-to-ACPI mapping driver to go upstream will now be written by me. My current work on this driver has already been integrated into the 0.10 RC releases – I will continue to backport my WMI work to acer_acpi (where possible and practical) until it […]

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acer_acpi – The march of progress

A few people have asked me, on occasion, when acer_acpi will go upstream – the answer is eventually 🙂 Basically, two things must happen first: 1) A generic WMI driver must be added upstream – this is being worked on by the Linux ACPI developers (hopefully, with more news to come after this weeks Linux […]

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acer_acpi, sysfs and WMI – the long, hard road to 0.7

There are better ways to spend a Saturday afternoon than ripping out a /proc interface, replacing it with sysfs, and then getting carried away by making your driver integrate, where possible, into the various kernel subsystems. In lieu of this, a few days ago I ripped out the last vestiges of “hotkey” support – it […]

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Hardware detection in acer_acpi (or lack thereof)

More from acer_acpi land; thanks to a nudge in the right direction, I’ve been poking around Launch Manager using ‘strings’, looking for any and all of interest that might come up. As some may have noticed, acer_acpi isn’t intelligent about detecting hardware (i.e. we don’t) – hence on my system, I get a /proc/acpi/acer/bluetooth, even […]

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acer_acpi 0.5 released

acer_acpi 0.5 has been released today (with yours truly as the new maintainer – yes, the world really has come to this). Enjoy! 🙂

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