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Running Clojure on Slackware

To run Clojure on Slackware you’ll want a few things: JDK (use the Slackbuild from /extra to build the latest version yourself) Leiningen (available from Create a command line wrapper to execute Clojure scripts (some examples for learning Clojure expect you to set this up, but don’t really tell you how to). Assuming you’ve […]

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Linux Containers (LXC), libvirt and Slackware

I’ve spent the last few days getting very frustrated with trying to make a Linux Container (LXC) run via libvirt on Slackware – various weird and wonderful error messages about being unable to mount cgroups (LXC depends on cgroups to provide the networking and namespace isolation). The short answer is that by default, Slackware mounts […]

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Slackware, Amarok and Transcoding

As I’ve recently been importing CDs in as FLAC, I want something that can transcode this for me when and manage my collection when working with my iPod. Amarok has now finally re-gained transcoding support as of 2.4: However, trying this in Slackware 14.0 RC3, it doesn’t work – trying to copy FLAC tracks to […]

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USB 3G Modem on Slackware – DNS

A follow up from last years post – clearly having not played around with the 3G card since last year, it’s only today I realised that DNS wasn’t actually working. PPPD was correctly requesting the nameservers from the remote peer, but by default, puts them into /etc/ppp/resolv.conf. This isn’t terribly helpful. PPPD will try to […]

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USB 3G Modem for Vodafone on Slackware

In spite of having to spend too much of my work time getting various 3G dongles working, I’ve never had to do it at home. For Vodafone, it’s actually quite simple: 1) Install wvstreams 2) Install wvdial 3) Add the following to your /etc/wvdial.conf [Dialer vodafone] Init3 = AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”internet” Phone = *99# Password = pass […]

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