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tc1100 & rfkill

tc1100 – The other WMI driver I maintain (the one that I’ve never even had the hardware for, let alone set eyes on, which always makes it ‘interesting’ to work on). I’ve posted patches to add rfkill support to this driver to the linux-acpi mailing list. If you: 1) Have the hardware 2) Can compile […]

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rfkill update

It’s been a while, so: 1) I’ve posted the final version of the patches to add rfkill support to acer-wmi on the 15th September to the ACPI mailing list. _Hopefully_ these will go in for 2.6.28. (This is only for wireless and bluetooth – still waiting for someone to use Linux on an Acer laptop […]

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AMW0 and hardware detection

After re-reading an old readme & history file bundled with a different release of Launch manager (the one available for the Aspire 1690 – same version as the 5020 version, but this EXL806WW.BLD.txt file is missing from the 5020 release), I finally figured out that: 1) It is actually possible to auto detect hardware on […]

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WMI & acer-wmi news

WMI: Latest version (v7) was published on the ACPI mailing lists (I finally figured out my problems). This work has been ported to acer_acpi already (and not a moment too soon, since the Aspire 7520 has multiple PNP0C14 devices). acer-wmi: Initial RFC (request for comment aka first try, please review) has been posted to the […]

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WMI news

Since some people apparently read this blog (for some unfathomable reason…), some more updates on progress in WMI-ACPI land. Background: I am currently trying to implement a mapping driver in Linux for WMI-ACPI (which is described here) The short, short version for doing this is that unlike other laptop manufacturers, who define their own custom […]

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